New Smoky Mountain High School girls golf coach Jason Melvin spoke with Todd Vinyard and “WNC Golf Today” for the radio program on WRGC Radio. A few highlights of there conversation …

How he got into golf?

“Growing up I played golf with my friends and dad nothing very serious. Grew up in Fayetteville and you could walk the course. The night before spring sports started in ninth grade my dad said “you have to try out for something or you are not getting your drivers permit.” I tried out and didn’t make the team, but they told the rest of us we could come back play for free for the next year. The following year bought a real set of golf course. Every year I was able to come and try out. Made me fall in love with it and enjoy playing.”

What about golf hooked you?

“It is a challenge and something you can master the game. Always fun how long the playing field was and how small the target was. And you can play with anyone.”

What attracted to Smoky Mountain High School job?

“I’ve been involved in women’s sports in coaching mostly in basketball. It is a cool opportunity to introducing girls to the game and see them enjoy the sport. I’m excited about the opportunity.”