Would it be better to know your last round of golf was coming or not? That and many other questions strike you as you read John Barton’s “My Last Round” in Golf Digest.

The longtime editor of Golf Digest knows the end of his golf playing days is ending as Parkinson’s disease gets worse, so he gets in a final round at the Freshwater Bay Golf Club on the Isle of Wright off England’s south coast. It is a touching look at the game and how much a part of his life it was and the meaningful way he picks to say goodbye. He thinks about growing in the game, playing with his dad and how life and golf have intersected. It will be a familiar journey for all of us who play golf.

Barton writes about beginning to play golf: “Golf offered an antidote to adolescent angst. It got me out of the house, into fresh air and nature, and in the company of people. It became an escape from the escape, a place where I could find myself, even if I were often in the rough.” Click here to read the whole article. (You will be glad you did.)

If you knew you were playing your final round of golf where would it be? Some might pick Augusta National Golf Club, some might choose their home course, and Barton picked the course he first had his first real success in golf. All are good final round choices. Thoughts and prayers from WNC golf to Barton as he makes the rest of his journey.

Augusta National Golf Club would be high on my list, too.  Or maybe Brainerd Golf Course where I played with great friends in high school. I’ve had some great days with my 11-year-old son Josh at Western North Carolina golf courses like Sapphire National Golf Club. That is part of the thought behind this web site to connect people with some of the great golf courses in WNC to make memories for a last time no matter how you play. And one of the reasons it would be such a hard choice is the way golf constantly provides those type memories that go way behind the action of playing.

Regardless of where you would pick it is important to remember that each time we have a chance to play golf, it should be fun. With that in mind select a course and play. We hope you make plenty of birdies and memories. And I hope you will share tips, news or just a good story with us from time to time at wncgolfnews@gmail.com. We’re always up for good golf talk!

Click here for a link to courses in WNC