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[mks_dropcap style=”circle” size=”45″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]N[/mks_dropcap]o matter if you are new to the game or been in it a long time the rules of golf are complicated. They are needed, and certainly, those rules are part of what make the game great.


The question remains, particularly since professional players struggle to take them in, can’t they be better? Peter Kotis, a GOLF Magazine Top 100 teacher and CBS Sports Analyst, thinks so and I believe he has some good ideas.

His recent column in GOLF Magazine ( is entitled “It’s Time for a Change: The Rules of Golf Are Too Penal and Complicated.”

One of his ideas is separate rules for recreational and competitive play.



The Rules

For more on the USGA rules visit:

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Kotis writes: “The USGA and R&A should create a different standard—one for beginners and social golfers, the other for competitive players. This way, beginners, and higher-handicappers won’t feel looked down upon for not abiding by the “real” rules. Speaking of beginners, they shouldn’t have to worry about following the letter of the law—they just want to get the ball airborne. Next, they want to find their ball. And then they’re looking to improve their scores. To that end, I think rank beginners should be allowed to tee it up in the fairway! Why not? Help them hit some good, soaring shots that excite and encourage them to come back for more.”

We like that idea and his others. To read the full article go to

Rules are necessary, but changes need to be made to ensure the rules are good for the game and not just good for the sake of having rules.