Sad to say I don’t have any personal Arnold Palmer stories. It seems everyone does from reading about his death this week. There is no doubt he had a large impact on the sport of golf and beyond.

Palmer passed away Sunday in Pittsburgh, Pa. It’s hard to imagine sports figures who were as well-known as Mr. Palmer. More than seven major championships and 62 PGA Tour wins was the way he made people feel about golf.

“Who lived a better life than Arnold Palmer,” said Wake Forest men’s golf coach Jerry Hass on “He played golf, a sport he loved and a sport that loved him.”

People loved him back. He made sure every autograph was perfect, and the amount of pictures and stories of people with him was incredible to see this week. “Arnie’s Army” was very, very real. And so was he.

When he returned to golf after being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1997 Palmer famously said, “I’m not interested in being a hero. I just want to play some golf.”

That is the best way to honor all Mr. Palmer did for the sport – enjoy playing it. No matter what happened he enjoyed playing golf.

RIP, Arnie.