Cue the piano music – It Masters Week! No doubt it is the date many folks circle as the start of the golf season.

As we follow all the action from the Augusta, Ga., the question comes up – what can a regular golfer learn from the Masters? had an interesting take on what regular golfers could take from Jordan Speith’s collapse last year. Click here to read about it.

Bill Pennington provided some “Constructive Tips for the Everyday Golfer” in the New York Times.

Watching golf on TV, in general, can help your game like tips from that include the importance of pre-shot routine and three clubs you need to master to be successful. Click here for more.

We talked earlier about what you could learn from a Master’s Tournament loss. You can also learn from a Masters win like Bubba Watson’s 2012 victory. Click here for three things you can learn from the win by Bubba.

Ok, as if you need a reason to watch The Masters we have given it to you.

Click here for the 2017 Masters TV coverage and live streaming guide.